2018 ANGP Ticket and Waiver
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Get your All Night Graduation Party tickets for the 2018 event now!  

Cost is $20 per ticket.

Critical Notice to Parents/Guardians of Seniors: 

By proceeding with your ticket order you understand that tickets for the event will not be provided unless the Terms and Conditions below are acknowledged as to have been read and understood.  If a valid name for a Parent/Guardian is not provided in the field to the right titled "Name of Guardian Accepting the T&C's for ANGP Participants", any payments made for tickets will be refunded.

Thank for your understanding and help in making this an enjoyable and safe event for all participants.

Terms and Conditions for ANGP Participants: 

In order to purchase tickets for the ANGP event, Parents/Guardians of participants at the ANGP MUST acknowledge that they have read and understood the following Terms and Conditions by entering their name in the mandatory field to the right titled "Name of Guardian Accepting T&C's for ANGP Participants". 


The following Terms and Conditions apply for the 2018 ANGP and to all ANGP Participants:


  1.  NO ALCOHOL, TOBACCO, OR OTHER DRUGS WILL BE ALLOWED. We will call the parents of students found with any of these substances.  No student will be admitted if under the influence of these substances.

  2.  The celebration will begin at 11:00 PM and will end at 5:00AM.  Students must arrive by 12:00 AM.  No students will be admitted after that time.  The PTSA’s ANGP Committee will attempt to notify the parents of students not arriving by midnight.

  3.  ONLY graduating Seniors from JEB Stuart High School will be allowed to attend.  Students must participate in the graduation ceremony to be able to attend the party.

  4.  Students will not be permitted to leave the party early, absent prior approval from the PTSA.  Early release will only be approved for religious reasons or other significant circumstances.

  5.  Students should dress in casual clothes and wear rubber-soled shoes.  Shorts, t-shirts and a sweatshirt are recommended.

  6.  If planning on using the swimming pool, bring a bathing suit and towel.

  7.  Students will be required to leave all personal belongings (including purses and backpacks; excluding cell phones) in the Coat & Prize Check Room where they will be secure with chaperones.  Students will have access to their items anytime they wish.

  8.  The JEB Stuart PTSA may film or take pictures of the event for promotional uses in future years.

  9.  Everything is included in the price of the ticket.  No additional cash is necessary.


Permission for Insurance Purposes:


By entering my name in the field titled "Name of Guardian Accepting the T&C's for ANGP Participants", I acknowledge that I have read and understood that the above Terms and Conditions will be enforced, and agree to the following:


  1.  I give my graduating senior(s), named in the field titled "Name(s) of Student(s) that Ticket(s) are Purchased For", permission to attend JEB Stuart High School’s All Night Graduation Party to be held at Providence Rec Center on June 9, 2018 from 11:00 PM – 5:00 AM.

  2.  I understand that if my senior does not arrive by midnight or leaves before 5:00 AM, I must be notified by telephone.

  3.  I understand that participation in the ANGP involves activities on public property, including a swimming pool.   Should an accident occur or medical treatment be required, my/my student’s own insurance will be the primary coverage.

  4.  I have been made aware of the purpose of the ANGP and its various activities, including the mechanical bull ride.

  5.  In consideration for my student’s being permitted to participate in the ANGP, I agree on behalf of myself and my student to release and hold harmless the JEB Stuart HS PTSA and all of its volunteers and agents from any and all liability arising in connection with my student’s participation. The JEB Stuart HS PTSA reserves the right to revoke admission to this event.


Thank you!

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2018 ANGP Ticket and Waiver

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